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What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is the wisdom to realize and experience Divinity and Godliness in the world.
This is the time and age that people are becoming interested in the inner dimension of reality.
In the Torah, this is reflected and taught in the works of Kabbalah.
Kabbalah is first concerned with coming close to God, the Creator of the universe.
In order to come close to God, one has to intellectually comprehend the stages of the continual recreation of reality.
At every moment, God creates all of reality anew.
This appreciation begins with the intellectual comprehension of how creation takes place.
(This is not in order to become wise in the physics of creation.)
Wisdom is just a tool in order to become close to God. It is in order to be able to meet the Creator through comprehension of the process of creation.
Kabbalah is the mystical tradition of the Jewish People.
It has gone through many stages of revelation, even preceding the time of the giving the Torah.
Our Forefathers, Abraham, Issac and Jacob served and worshipped God, and so merited by their virtue and sincerity in their desire to come close to God to many deep understandings of Divinity.

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