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What is the Purpose of Kabbalah and How it Will affect my life

What is the Purpose of Kabbalah and How it Will affect my life
The purpose of Kabbalah is to become one as a partner with God in creative process and especially in the creation,
which is to make the world a dwelling place for God's infinite Light and His Absolute Essence.
Clearly, when on devotes himself to this study and wisdom, from day to day and hour to hour in his devoted study,
he refines his personality and character traits, because he is drawing closer to God. As the Sages say, �Just as God is merciful, so must you be merciful.�
God has attributes which manifest and revealed in reality. All of Kabbalah is the study of God.
The study of Kabbalah is ultimately directed at the Divinity of God, to be able to emulate God in our lives.
Clearly, the more that one studies Kabbalah properly, the closer that one comes to God, and the more that he refines his character.
All his attributes and characteristics become Godly and Divinely inspired.
When the Jewish soul becomes one this wisdom and comprehension, his whole life pattern is changed,
from the consciousness of the mind, to the emotions of the heart, to his behavior.
The study of Kabbalah depends upon the devotion and true desire of the heart of the student of Kabbalah.
This is prerequisite - the true desire of the heart to come close to God. In addition, it depends upon a revelation from above.
The beginning of Jewish consciousness is the desire to come close to God.
In that merit, over the generations, more and more has been revealed from above.
The ultimate revelation from above, which depends upon how truly we desire to become close and one with God,
is the revelation of the mashiach, whom we are waiting for.

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