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The fortune key

The key fortune is an amulet which contains holy secrets from the kabbalah.
It was prepared by a Cabbalist Rabbi in Miron Mountain, near Safad, a famous cabbalist city in Israel.
The owner of this amulet succeeds in everything he does.
It brings health and wealth, happy marriage, protects from the evil eye and keeps from all mischief.
It has been proven that the Fortune Key remains effective for a long time. You can wear it as a pendent, or carry it in your pocket.
It needs to be wrapped in leather.
The Fortune Key costs $30 (including delivery price) per unit and is manufactured in Israel.
You will get it from us for free (only delivery price)
10% of the price of each unit is donated for charity, bearing the donator's name, to increase the effectiveness of the amu

The product number: 100

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