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KABALA Weight Loss System

How to Loss Weight without heavy expense with full control, proven and effective?

KABALA Weight Loss System, Natural Diet, UNIQUE, Special, Proven, NO tied and bound to company

All for one time Fee Only. No hidden extras.

"……Throughout the years I have tried many weight loss systems.  Nothing seemed to work on a long-term basis. After I graduated from college, I started to gain weight.  I had been active during school as a dancer and cross country runner, and the abrupt decrease in physical activity due to long hours at work was not good for my metabolism.  After I married and had my first baby, my weight ballooned.  I needed a weight loss system which would work.  I tried several and got my weight temporarily under control.  Before I could enjoy my new weight loss, I found I was pregnant again.  After this baby I weighed even more than before.  That was 21 years ago and I have been trying to find a weight loss system all this time.  I am aware that the physiological and emotional problems I have experienced during the years are, to a certain degree, a result of my overweight state.  I have developed high blood pressure and I have high levels of cholesterol.  I also have low self-esteem and mild depression.  I am unable to work in my garden or travel any place where I have to walk any distance.  My older son is getting married in a year and I would like to weigh less, be in better shape, and look better by the time of the wedding.  I have bought yours KABALA Weight Loss System. I was and still amazing from the Fantastic result. I am confident that I can accomplish my goal…..I has recommended about it to all my friends…thank you and GOD bless" (Letter we got from one of our costumer - Eti Nehcamia, Jerusalem).

Summary Description:

Did you know the feeling after you try again and again to loss weight and after short time you repeat to your previous weight.
I know this feeling!!!!
I was in the same situation, the only thing I loss was money from my bank account, I have to buy again and again, spending money to lot of weight loss system, I tried to solve my problem, I was tied to those weight loss system company.

The weight loss system I am going to offer to you is different, it works for me and I did not see  any reason why it will not work for you.

Proven efficiency in weight loss and maintaining bodyweight. 
Based on healthy, natural and low-cost ingredients.
No tablets, no chemicals.
One time payment no dependence and tied on a company, no
continuous   purchases. 
Easy to carry on with for as long as you need.
11 years of experience and proven success.

I believe in this weight loss system product and think it will help people do diet in the easy and successful way, and the best part that all it will done with a little money. The customer will need to pay one time fee. There NO product likes this in the market. It helps you to loss weight and gives you a better QUALITY OF LIFE.

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Nutritonist Bruriah Tal says:
"…the blend gives a feeling of fullness for the whole day… the mixture even prevents part of the calories from absorbing in the body…"

Few Words from Our Customers
* The original letters stated measures in kilograms, which is the common in Israel. we converted it into pounds for your convenience. For those who count in kg - 1 pound is approx. 0.45 kg or a bit less than half kg. For example: 60 lbs. is 27 kg

"A friend of mine told me about the wonders of your diet, and I didn't believe at first. But after trying it myself I must say that what he called 'wonder' is much more than that!"

"…I'm glad that I saw the reportage about you in the paper… In the past I tried everything,
even went through operations but nothing helped me. Since I started using your system I lost 58 lbs … Thank you!"

"I lost 45 lbs in two months… please feel free to publish this letter any way you want, so that
more people who need to lose weight will hear about it…"

"I lost 58 lbs… The first time in my life that I am going through a weight loss process without suffering from headaches and bad feeling…"

"…Right from the beginning I started feeling better and easily losing weight…"

You can see more Feedback of my customer in the Testimonials Page: Click Here

The Different between weight loss systems

Other Weight Loss System KABALA Weight Loss System  
Return to previous weight Proven Success
Expensive, buy again and… Cheap, only one time fee Price
Tied to the company Completely, NO tied to any one Independent
They say so, are you sure? Only natural components Natural
Did you really know what inside? You make it by your self Component
More of the same UNIQUE Product

Remember this is not more of the same. There NO product likes this in the market.
It helps you to loss weight and gives you a better QUALITY OF LIFE.

I want to ask from you simple thing, if you did not need the KABALA Weight Loss System, I am sure that you know some one else that need this special product PLEASE forward it to whom is need it, you also can send it to whom you want to. Remember they also will get those FREE GIFTS. Think how much Grateful he will be to you for your help!

Detailed Description:

After so many years of intensive diet-industry, it's time to face the truth: except in rare cases - diets don't work.

The reason is simple: all diets require a major change in your way of living, your eating habits, and your daily routine. Too often they become a constant burden on your bank account. Whether it is 'fat-binding pills' (now give us a break...), or the more sensible diets based on nutrition. How long can you keep on swallowing tablets or maintain a rigid self-discipline restricting what to eat and what not to, and at what hours? Once this forced routine naturally starts to fade (or you just have no more money for voodoo tablets), all the pounds crawl back to your original weight. In many cases you even gain a few pounds more.

So - what is different about Kabala Weight loss System?

Let's start with the refreshing fact that we does not hide behind photos and answering services. You will get my direct phone number.

The weight loss system I discovered 11 years ago, and I knows it works. Because we tried it my selves.

This is a real-life story that has been covered several times by Israeli media, in papers and on TV. 11 years ago, I want to loss weight. I tried all kinds of diets and weight loss systems, and eventually gave up, assuming I was doomed to live our life as a vastly overweight people.

Then, one day, I received this special recipe from a Rabbi in Zefath (Northern Israel) where we used to study Kabala. Now don't misunderstand please, there is no 'magic' nor any 'mystical powers' here. The Rabbi simply gaveme a recipe of making a unique blend, based on natural and healthy ingredients, most of which can be found in a supermarket. All he asked me to do was to take this blend once a day, every morning.

At first I thought – "oh well, what I lose," so I just did as he asked, which did not require any special efforts or time - and just went on with my life. The blend had no special taste, good or bad. I didn't even think about it the rest of the day. Then after a while people started telling me that I seemed to get slimmer... I didn't even notice it myself until then.

Since then I lost a lot of my body weight. In fact I am underweight for my height, but I feel great and my whole physical condition has improved. I became much more vital and less sensitive to illnesses.

Of course not everyone can achieve such dramatic results at the same speed. And the ever-growing number of letters of gratitude arriving to my mailbox clearly indicates that this simple and healthy system works. And works really well

Magic? Miracles? No...

The major reason for Kabala Weight loss System being so successful is no doubt due to the fact that the user is not required to force him self into changing his way of living. All comes naturally, while you're not even thinking about it. The special blend does two important things: it provides the body with essential healthy ingredients of a daily ration, at the same time giving a feeling of fullness, eliminating the constant need of 'having something to chew' which is the biggest enemy of every weight loss system and a major reason of regaining fat.

While with other diets you regain weight because you don't notice that you start eating more afterwards, Kabala Weight loss System does exactly the opposite - you lose weight and maintain it, because you don't notice that you don't eat that much any longer. This is what happened to many people who try it. When I first tried this system myself. I was unaware that something has changed in my eating habits. That's why it works, that's why you can easily carry on with it for as long as you need. You are not 'enslaved' by a company selling you some pills and tablets again and again; you are not under the psychological pressure of scheduled diet. In other words - you are free. You are not suffering and miserable as many people are while on diets, not to mention how they feel if they fail.

The one-time fee of $9.90 is ALL you pay, no hidden extras. The required ingredients for the blend can be found in your local grocery store or supermarket. They are usually very cheap and some of them you'd probably buy anyway as a part of your regular food shopping. A simple calculation will show you that Kabala Weight loss System is not only the most effective, but the most economical as well.

I am a regular donator for charity institutions, and part of each sale always goes to charity. (David David Takutiel foundation)

If you still have questions you may wish to refer to the FAQ section or simply send me an e-mail to

Just one little request: once you tried it and found how it works for you - drop a letter to me, telling me about it. Nothing will be published without your permission of course. I am simply happy to receive the comments and learn how this system brought new and better life to people

Feel free to order now

If you want to know more about me, so you can be sure and trust me, and my product, before you making an order, you can see my feedback on eBay.

I am selling in eBay; you can see there what my customer think and say about me. See at: CLICK HERE


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product detail:
The file weight is: 100 kb
The kind of the file: PDF file (you will need Adobe Reader software)
(Instructions to this software - see below)
Other software: the file is zipped (you will need WinZip or Winrar)
(Instructions to this software - see below)
Need Customer service, send email to: info@r-inv.com

Delivery details:
You will have to download the product, after you will finish all the payment process.
After the payment – you will see instruction how to do it. PLEASE print this page.
After this page we will ask your name and email, so we can see that you download the product without problems.
And then you will be able to download the product from the download center.

Delivery time is very depend on yours type and quality of computer equipment and internet connection.

Return and Cancellation Policy
Holy Land's current return policy is as follows: "Holy Land will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. After 8 weeks all sales are final" Holy Land does reserve the right to alter or revise its return policy at any time.

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