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Did I have to do diet? How I can find out?

Did I have to do diet? How I can find out?

The lives as you know are not only as a black and white issue. Also in the weight issue there are a lot of intermediate stages between fatty and slim.

So how I can find if I fat?

To help you to answer this hard question and to find where you in this scale and to know for sure if you are fat or not, BMI index has invented.

So, what is the BMI Index?

= Body Mass Index

BMI is a simple equation, you have to put in your parameter and see the result, up to the result you can see where you in this index.

The equation:

Compare your result with the below scale:

19.8 And lower – sub weight
19-24.9 – intact weight
25-29.9 – over weight
30-39.9 – hypotenuse obesity (gaining weight)
40 and upper – extremist hypotenuse obesity (gaining weight)

With this comparison you can see yours situation (over weight or not)

The BMI is the most comfortable index for daily use, but this index ignore from important parameter, the location of the fats in the body.

There are two different kinds of fats, the "apple fat". This fat in the abdomen (potbelly) it common among man. The "pear fat", is in the buttocks and the thighs it common among women.

The "apple fat" considered as problematic more them then the "pear fat", it is cause to some kind of diseases.
This is the why it is important to extent waists measurement.
Intact (normal) extent waists for women - up to 88 cm'
Intact (normal) extent waists for man - up to 102 cm'

If the result of the two indexes is up then the normal you have to do some thing about it

We offer in our web site a lot of information about the fats problem and introduce some solutions to the problem.
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Good luck

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