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Health Diet Fitness
Health, diet, fitness--a balance of these three concepts will insure the well-being of most people.  

Many diets are available for dieters.  The Atkins Diet has been around for years and many people are successful using it.  It consists of a strict regimen of lean meat and vegetables eaten in exact portions on certain days of the week.  The Cabbage Soup Diet, also known as the Dolly Parton Diet, is perfect for vegetable lovers.  A cabbage-based soup which includes several other vegetables is eaten every day.  Other fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are eaten on certain days for a week.  The Cookie Diet is relatively new to the diet scene.  Grain-based cookies are eaten anytime the dieter is hungry during the day, followed by a small dinner of lean meat and vegetables.  Nutrisystem is an easy diet to follow, because the dieter purchases several weeks’ worth of pre-packaged meals which are delivered to his home.  Other popular diets include the Bob Greene Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the LA Weight Loss Diet, the Sonoma Diet, the Ultimate New York Diet, and UltraMetabolism Diet, and the Zone Diet.  One of the oldest, most popular, and most effective diets is Weight Watchers.  The dieter attends weekly meetings which consist of motivational talks and ideas for food preparation.  The dieter weighs and keeps a record of his weight loss.  

Fitness is a result of physical activity or exercise.  Making time during a busy schedule for exercise is often difficult.  Some people find it easier to exercise before they go to work.  Others go to the exercise center directly after work or in the evening.  Some people complain that an exercise program becomes boring after several weeks.  Others are happy just to repeat the same regimen every day.  An individual can develop a person activity plan which will fit his schedule and preferences.  A combination of aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility training will produce the best results.  Bicycling or swimming one day, weightlifting the next day, and yoga on the third day would be an excellent schedule.

Good health is essential to living a happy, productive life.  Diet and exercise are keys to good health.  Health, diet, fitness—balance these concepts for a contented life.

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