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Few Words from Our Customers

The original letters stated measures in kilograms, which is the common in Israel. we converted it into pounds for your convenience. For those who count in kg - 1 pound is approx. 0.45 kg or a bit less than half kg. for example: 60 lbs. is 27 kg

"...I'm glad that I saw the reportage about you in the paper... In the past I tried everything ,even went through operations but nothing helped me. Since I started using your system I lost 58 lbs ... Thank you!" 
(D.B., Bat-Yam)
"I would like to thank you for your magic recipe... I lost 52 lbs, and finally it is easier for me to play with my grandchildren!" 
(I. A., 56, Ramat-Gan)
"I lost 58 lbs... The first time in my life that I am going through a weight loss process without suffering from headaches and bad feeling..." 
(R.K., 52, Haifa)
"A friend of mine told me about the wonders of your diet, and I didn't believe at first. But after trying it myself I must say that what he called 'wonder' is much more than that!" 
(E.E., Tel-Aviv)
"I lost 31 pounds in three months... My classmates are jealous!"
(M.R., 16, Kfar Hanassi)
"I feel it is my duty to tell you - I weighed 230 lbs, and with your weightloss system I lost 40 lbs in two months... I feel great physically, I don't feel hungry, and I carry on..." 
(A.F., Bney-Brak)
Second letter from the same customer: "I just had to write you again - I lost another 36 lbs."
(A.F., Bney-Brak)
"...Right from the beginning I started feeling better and easily losing weight..."
(E.S., Ramat-Gan)
"I lost 45 lbs in two months... please feel free to publish this letter any way you want, so that more people who need to lose weight will hear about it..."
(M.S., Rishon-Letzion)
"I'm glad that I heard about you... I lost 48 lbs, and women now find me more attractive..."
(Y.T., Jerusalem)
"Thank you from all my heart!"
(N.S., Tel-Aviv)
"...I lost 26 lbs so far, without feeling hungry..."
(N.V., Bney-Brak)
"In less than two months I lost 26 lbs... Bless you!"
(Y.R., Kiryat-Malachi)

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